Race to the Island

Race to the Island is 3 hours of fun.  About 20 controls are scattered about Camp Barren Ridge and can be found in any order but within the 3 hour time limit.  If you get all the controls you are eligible for Level 2.  Level 2 is a time trial – A point to point race where you have to do 8 controls in a prescribed order. But here’s the catch – you still have to be done with everything within 3 hours
One other wrinkle, each winter as the lake level drops, a bridge develops to an island in the lake.  One of the 20 controls is on the island. If you punch that control first, you are eligible for the Race to the Island.  The first two lowest times to the island for a male and for a female are eligible for a retro T-shirt.  At the end of race, you show that you punched the island control first to the meet director to be considered. 

This is a Mass Start event with the Start taking place exactly at 10am CST.     Please arrive 1 hour early to register, check in and review the course.    Note that if you have a group of more than 4 that plan on going, you must contact the Meet Director Ken Kling so ensure that there are enough maps.   Ken’s contact info is below.    

  • Advanced Registration : Not Available
  • Check in Time: 9am CST
  • Start Time: 10am CST
  • Series Ranking Event: NO
  • Suitable for: Scout Troops, JROTC, Competitive Orienteers, Rogainers
  • Cost: $10 per person, $7 per person for OLOU and League Members*, group discounts
  • Contact: Ken Kling